Makino 5-axis VMC offers automation possibilities

The D500 5-axis, vertical machining centre has been introduced by the Japanese manufacturer, Makino. The machine's stiffness and rigidity make it ideal for machining tough materials like titanium.

When designing the machining centre, Makino conducted a study of 216 different structural configurations for 5-axis machining centres, to identify what it believes to be the ideal design. Linear axis travels are 550, 1,000 and 500 mm in X, Y and Z respectively with rapids up to 50 m/min and cutting feed rates up to 40 m/min. The machine is equipped with a 14,000 rpm, 201 Nm, HSK-A63 spindle, although 20,000 rpm, HSK-A63 and 30,000 rpm HSK-F63 core-cooled spindles are available. Roller guides are fitted in all linear axes. X-axis travel is effected by the table/trunnion arrangement but both Y and Z-axis motions are above the work zone. Direct drive rotary axes provide 360o table rotation (C) and +30o to -120o in the A-axis, powered by two motors at either end of the trunnion. The ultra-high torque motors provide high acceleration, so unlike on many machines, the A, C axes are able to keep up with the linear X, Y, Z axes, even with a maximum table load of 350 kg. The D500 includes Makino's thermal stabilisation with core cooled ballscrews and heat insulation systems, allowing sustained dynamic accuracy in unstable shop environments. Twin internal chip conveyors evacuate chips from the work zone efficiently, removing a further unwanted source of heat. The D500 can be delivered in a stand-alone configuration or with an automatic pallet changer (APC), while full scale automation can be provided by Makino's MMC2 pallet storage system. The D500 5-axis machining machine is available in the UK through sole agent, NCMT.