WARDJet R-Series suits large water jet cutting applications

The R-Series water jet cutting table, available in the UK from Wightman Stewart, is designed to meet the requirements for the fabrication of large parts, typically found in the aerospace manufacturing and sub-contract industries.

A cross beam of up to 4.3 metres can be provided and thanks to a modular design, the length of the table can be as long as required, with standard sizes starting at 4 m, 6 m, 9 m and 12 m. Designed for both abrasive and pure waterjet cutting, the R-Series WARDJet series comes in eight standard sizes. Features include a high precision helical rack and split pinions to achieve longer travel distances with no backlash. The lip seal design allows the inclusion of multiple, independent carriages on the Z-axis. Multiple cutting heads available and additional crossbeams can be mounted on to the same side rails. Therefore a six metre or larger R-Series unit could have multiple heads, crossbeams, controllers and cut different parts simultaneously, all on one table. An important feature on the R-Series is the additional foot of travel provided in the left to right cutting direction. This has been added as a standard feature because many water jet sub-contract cutting companies want to use multiple cutting heads to produce two parts in the same amount of time it takes to cut one part in order to increase production. Typically, the moment a second head is added, the distance of travel the first head can move is reduced to make space for the addition of the second head. This is overcome with the extra foot. Each Z-Carriage has its own motor driven height adjustment, and can be configured to have an independent height sensor. The selection of intensifiers to match required cutting needs is critical and WARDJet machines can be supplied with a variety of pumps with operating pressures up to 60,000 psi, with 30 hp, 50 hp, 75 hp, 100 hp, and 150 hp intensifiers available.