The NZ platform is available as a DUE, TRE or QUATTRO, the respective models having two, three or four turrets. Each has an 80 mm Y-axis and the possibility of having a -10 to +100 degree B-axis as well. The built-in motor is rated at 16 kW / 12,000 rpm / 24 Nm and has either 12 live stations for VDI 30 tools or 16 stations for VDI 25 tools.

The machine is available in two bed sizes, a short version for workpieces up to 740 mm long and a larger version for workpieces to a maximum length of 1,290 mm. A magazine for feeding bar stock up to 65 mm diameter may be fitted, while chucking of billets up to 120 mm diameter is possible. Even with a 4-metre bar feeder, only 17.8 square metres of shop floor space is required.

Ideal for use on the long-bed lathe but possible also on the short-bed version, an optional, double-sided, TWIN spindle can be mounted in the Z-axis between the 5,000 rpm (optionally 7,000 rpm) main and counter spindles. Able to accept up to 65 mm diameter workpieces, it effectively divides the machine into two twin-spindle work areas and may be used for turning at up to 4,000 rpm. When machining longer workpieces, it functions as a hydraulic steady rest or a Swiss-type unit with a 5,000 rpm rotating guide bush.

Stability and precision during machining are ensured by the symmetrical, thermally stable bed. Other merits of the machine include ergonomic accessibility to the working area and efficient chip evacuation.

DMG Mori offers a range of automation solutions for the NZ platform in addition to a bar feeder. An integrated workpiece unloading unit, one or two gantry loaders and an internal robot may all be supplied, in addition to a Robo2Go or MATRIS external robotic workpiece load/unload cell. Control is provided by a 19" DMG Mori SLIMline touch panel and FANUC 30iB.